• Muhammad Noman

    Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Folio3

    Past working experience as a Software Engineer III at GuruGroup LLC & Software Engineer I at MazikGlobal

    Graduated in Computer Science From FAST-NUCES Karachi



    JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C#, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, Swift, SuiteScript, Dart


    MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer, MongoDB


    .NET Core, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Cordova, Flutter, NodeJS, AngularJS, NetSuite


    Eclipse, AndroidStudio, NetBeans, VisualStudio, VSCode, Anaconda Ipython, XCode

    Cloud Services:

    AWS, Microsoft Azure, Firebase, Firebase FCM, Firebase Cloud Functions, GCP, Docker

  • Professional Experience

    GuruGroup LLC- Mar 2018 - Mar 2021

    Software Engineer II

    Worked on Mr Milk Consumer and Rider App. These apps are developed using Flutter as fronted and Node JS as back-end. By using consumer app, a user can subscribe milk order for a day, week, month or for a year. And by using rider app, a rider can deliver that orders from subscribed user at their provided delivery address.

    Software Engineer I

    Worked on Alabama Clinics. Developed using Flutter as front-end and Node JS with MongoDB as backend. This application is for Alpine Development Truckload Management owner and drivers to interact with their dispatch for quick updates and better load information. Features Include: Update Load information at your fingertips, Both Owner and Driver can determine the fare and enhance transparency, Dispatch multiple loads to one truck simultaneously and add a separate entry for each trip & Generate Daily Load report in excel format in seconds

    Worked on an iOS App in which user can add and edit their cattle info like its breed, food, children hierarchy etc by its unique RFID. We have connected the App with Drone by using DJI Mobile SDK. Moreover, using the app, one can calculate and see the field running path for drone by creating a polygon on google map. You can save and edit that path too.

    Worked on Azure PowerShell scripting. Wrote scripts for creating and removing Azure Services like Resource group, App service plan, Web App, SQL servers, SQL databases, VMs, DNS zones etc.

    Worked on a Back-end of a Flutter App. Designed DB using MongoDB and developed .NET Core Web APIs for CRUD operations. Implemented Identity Server for securing APIs. Hosted that DB and APIs on Docker as well.

    MazikGlobal- Aug 2016 - Mar 2018

    Software Engineer I

    Worked on MazikCare, Front-end Windows Application & Back-end AX Dynamics. Developed many features from Scratch and part of team who visits On-Site (KSA) for the Go-Live of the Project.

    MazikCare has been made to automate just about every healthcare process, including billing, patient scheduling, creating and managing patient records, picture/image archiving, prescribing medication, and more. It includes: Full ERP functionality on top of MS Dynamics AX, Electronic medical records, Medical billing, Patient scheduling, Radiology information system, communication system, Medical accounting, Clinical decision support, Lab integration and Web accessible. The data has been populated from Services which are made on .NET.

    Also Worked on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Web resources, Entities, Forms and Plugins.

  • Academic Projects

    Arabic Handwriting Generation


    Generates the Handwriting of the individual by first collecting the handwritten sample, train it and then generates it. We are using DRAW Architecture for this purpose which includes Recurrent Neural Networks & Auto encoders to first train our dataset and then generates it.

    Mere Yaaroun:

    Technology: Flutter

    An Android app of my father's poetry collection

    Karachi Bus Route Locator:

    Language: Java

    An android app through which Karachi citizens can find name of the buses which travels between any two locations by just selecting the starting and ending locations. The app has another feature that it also shows the routes of a particular bus like D1, D7 and W11 etc. It also includes Google Map which detects your location.